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Dr. Ming-Hong Liu

Dr. Liu’s professional career began as lead algorithm designer and project lead of a multi-channel military planning system. He now is a principal architect with Striim; a leader of streaming integration within the business intelligence marketplace. He currently assists large and mid-size enterprises in designing and building real-time analytic capability by integrating real-time data streams with existing enterprise unified data stores such as Enterprise Data Warehouses. These real-time intelligent frameworks provide timely actionable results in an industry where existing methods are orders of magnitude less efficient and timely.

As the former principal architect at Teradata Profession Services, Dr. Liu lead many large integration projects internally and for Teradata's most prestigious customers. Technology and frameworks included traditional enterprise integration and architecture frameworks, omni-channel (public and private) cloud integration with enterprise technology, big data and mobile.

Dr. Liu excelled at building artificial intelligent systems. These included simple rule based expert systems and advance concept routing. Dr. Liu holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Operation Research from North Dakota State University. His research specialties include: algorithm optimization; artificial intelligence in routing; neural networks and expert systems.

Dr. Liu has authored many journal articles and conference papers. Dr. Liu has presented at international conferences in areas such as optimization, encoding, and data warehouse performance.


Integration: Enterprise technology with open system and big data technology

Optimization: algorithm and process

Framework and architecture: enterprise, cloud, and mobile


David Winters


To provide the most functional and highest performing text analytic solutions for research and business.

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