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SemantiGrid Analytics Platform available for Beta: Announcing the availability of Semantigrid for beta customers starting January 2024. The SemantiGrid Platform  includes the SemantiGrid Knowledge Base (SGSKB) ontology.

SemantiGrid Knowledge Base (SGSKB)
Beta Demo: Announcing the availability of the SGSKB user guide and demo. A VMWARE instance with a fully functional SemantiGrid Knowledge Base is now available to NLP researchers and the business community.  Do you have an application requiring ultra fast text processing?  Are you an NLP researcher? Perhaps you are attempting sentiment analysis or NLP and want the best/fastest solution on the planet? Do you want to turn your database or EDW into a text analytics power-house? 

Contact us about an evaluation copy of the SGSKB and make 2024 the year of success and achievement! Programming APIs include a C/C++ library in both a shared and archive format along with JNI library for those wanting to integrate with the JAVA environment. Example programs are provided for both C/C++ and JAVA. The User Guide is now available for download from our site; please contact us for download access of the evaluation VM.

Text Analytics In A BigData World  - Dr. Stan presented at the BigData Florida Users Group meeting on January 11th, 2016. Here is  his presentation - Text Analytics In A BigData world.

BigData Florida Users Group - The BigData Florida Users Group is "the place" for exchange of information on all aspects of BigData and text analytics. There are monthly meetings on the campus of the Florida Institute of Technology and new members are welcome.

Dr. Stanley Mlynarczyk's 2009 thesis ranked in Meta-Guide's 100 Best Theses in AI & NLP (Conversational Agents)  -

The  SGSKB User Guide is now available

Dr. Stanley Mlynarczyk presented at the BAM BigData Analytics User Group in Green Bay Wisconsin on November 20, 2018.

Dr. Stanley Mlynarczyk presented at the BAM BigData Analytics User Group in Green Bay Wisconsin on March 19, 2019. The topic was "NLP and Advanced Text Anlytics".

Announcing the availability of SemantiGrid as a beta release for customer evaluation - July 28, 2023. This is the full release of the product and includes the SGSKB.


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